Traveling Trophies

The Location of the Indiana Eagle Riders Traveling Trophies:

Below is a listing of where we have last been told the traveling trophies from each Eagle Rider group are being housed.  If you believe that the information below is not correct on the location of a trophy we ask that you please contact us at: or if your group has captured 1 or more trophies, we ask that you contact Bryan Titus @ 317-286-8152 or email at so we can update this information.  For all rules and regulations on the use and purpose of the Indiana Eagle Rider Traveling Trophies please contact Bryan by email for a copy of the rules, for more details. Any Trophy not in play due to the group being dark or their Aerie closing needs to be turned into the Eagle Riders of Indiana President – Bryan Titus until that group is back in business.

**Groups whose Dues are past due, trophies should not be in play!




Eagle Rider Groups
Trophy is located at:
Anderson  #174 Anderson 174
Alexandria #1771 Alexandria 1771
Bedford #654 DARK — NOT in PLAY
Beech Grove #4167 Beech Grove 4167
Cedar Lake #2529   Valparaiso 2517 ( Captured 7-5-19)
Connersville #1065 Connersville 1065
Evansville #4023 Evansville 4023
Fort Wayne #3512 Fort Wayne 3512
Greensburg #927 Greensburg 927
Hessville #3117 Valparaiso 2517 ( Captured 7-5-19)
Jeffersonville #1527   Jeffersonville #1527 
Lafayette #347 Valparaiso 2517 ( Captured 7-5-19)
Muncie #231 DARK — NOT IN PLAY
Plainfield #3207 Plainfield 3207
Rushville #2036 Rushville 2036
Shelbyville #766 Greensburg 927 (Captured on 7-5-19)
Terre Haute #291 NOT in Play
Oakland City #4288 Oakland City 4288
Valparaiso #2517 Valparaiso 2517
Vincennes #384  Vincennes 384