Fallen Eagle Rider Members

indiana Fallen Eagle Rider Members: 


Eagle Rider Name: Eagle Rider Group Number
Howard Vest 2036
Bobby Holmes 2036
Joe Malcom 2036
Bill Goolsby 2036/766
Debbie Tompkins 2036
David Bialk 2018
Ronald Lanning  1065
Bruce Hall 3207
Smokin Jack Johnson 291
Bob Hughes  ?
Teresa Byrns 4023
John Long 4167
Linda Brunner 347
Janie Chambers 347
Jennifer Bowles 1065
Dan  Lancaster 347
Bruce Blackwell 1771
Rita Garst 347
Donald Neal 3117
Tammy Lakin 3207
Chuck Wilson 654
Philip Moistner 1065
Donna Hinds 1065
Darryll Moorehead 1065
Jennifer Bowles 1065
Charlie Lanning 1065
Les Satterfield 4288
William Bill Droll 4023
Walter L. Hill 3207
Marilyn Ulrich 4023

Biking oil was in their blood, Petrol flowing through their heart.
Throttle revving but the flood, Meant their engine Wouldn’t start.

The exhaust sounding rather rough, Its noise as cutting as a knife.
The gallant spark not quite enough, To fire their engine into life.

The key was turned, the button pushed, Expecting now a biking roar,
But the engine … knackered … bushed, Wouldn’t function any more.

The biker (name) has died but still, Their soul rides onward to the west.
Their wheels role onward, vale and hill, They soon will find eternal rest.

So we’ll mount up and onward ride, Remembering well the one who died.
Towards the sunset on our road, Our biker friend who’s gone before.

© 2010 Dick Underwood